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We know how Legacy Fundraising can transform your income.

Despite uncertainty, there reason to expect a substantial growth in both Will Writing services, and Legacy Income as generations pass on inheritances to their family, friends and chosen causes.


In fact, it is estimated that the number of charitable bequests will rise by 23% with Legacy Income set to double in real terms by 2051. It has never been more important to ensure you are promoting Legacy Giving in your organisation.

Legacy Hub is here to make this happen. Offering bespoke, cost-effective services to revitalise your organisations approach to Gifts in Wills and build a transformative Legacy Marketing Strategy which will energise your future income.

Legacies are an easy way to build sustainable income, in uncertain times, whilst offering the best return on investment.

Every organisation which has donors passionate about their cause needs a Legacy Strategy as part of its basic fundraising portfolio.

Legacy Hub is here to help you with:

  • A free audit of your Legacy needs, helping you identify what support and how much you need.

  • Build your bespoke Legacy Strategy

We can look at:

  • Market Research background analysis and internal review of competitor, collaborator and marketing. 

  • Audience Research identifying audience segments, targeting, product and creative review, developing a case for support using focus groups, and online surveys.

We will:

  • Collaborate on your Legacy Fundraising Plan. Bringing together your objectives, tactics, budget, resource requirements, schedules, action plans, methods of evaluation and future recommendations.

  • Build an active Stewardship programme for Legators.

  • Suggest ways to embed a Legacy Giving culture, train and mentor staff, trustees, and volunteers in Legacy giving. Provide ongoing Consultancy support to guide your campaign in its first 18 to 24 months.


Helen Holman

Legacy Hub

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